Avenue Bakery has been producing some of our regions highest quality breads and baked goods since 1995.

There are benefits to being a long established bakery.  For instance, our levain starter, or ‘mother dough’ that we add to each batch of sourdough  has been living for more than 25 years.  Which, by the way, is older than some of our bakers.  This well aged starter produces great tang and complex flavor.

Our Well Loved Bread

Our baker’s many decades of combined experience can be tasted in every bite of our flavorsome breads.  Avenue Bakery specializes in hand-formed artisan bread.  Hand-forming ensures our bread will have a quality interior crumb.  Baking our bread on a stone hearth oven gives our crust an integrity second to none.

Pastries at Avenue Bread WA

..and Baked Goods

Our pastry, savory, and dessert creations have been a favorite throughout this area for many years. Like our bread, we use real ingredients in our baked goods, and our experienced bakers hand-form and precisely bake these treats. 

Avenue Bakery proudly offers our premium artisan classic and deli loaves along with other baked goods for resale to regional restaurants, cafés and grocery stores. We work with owners, chefs, and managers to select products that complement both store shelves and restaurant/cafés 
menus. Our local daily delivery program ensures your patrons are always receiving the freshest product. Read more..